Company with extensive experience

Since 1983, CHUBB has grown from just one small filling plant for professional cleaning products, to a modern 65,000sf manufacturing and distribution facility.

The company continued to expand. Nowadays, CHUBB manufactures and distributes domestic and professional cleaning products through specialists and multiple retailers.

Today, CHUBB is a leading brand with an excellent value. Its ability to adapt to the consumer changes and clients demand, make of CHUBB one of the industry leaders.

Wide range of product

Our extensive product range benefits from a broad experience within the cleaning industry and the use of the most innovative and highest quality ingredients in the manufacturing process, reducing the impact on the environment.

CHUBB is, as well, leading brand in the private label cleaning products industry.

Cleaning products to make your life easier

Innovation and hard work have paid off and CHUBB can offer the best and most effective cleaning products to our customers to help them reduce the time spent in the cleaning process.