Innovation is at the heart of our mission statement and core values.

We develop and manufacture innovative cleaning chemicals. We work to increase the company’s competitiveness, improving our manufacture and distribution performance every day.

Our Corporate Strategy is clear and simple, as are our products. All of them are manufactured under strict quality assurance procedures.
We develop and constantly improve our products to meet the changing customer’s needs.

We are proud of our flexibility to adjust products and composition, so they are always up to date in order to reach the highest performance and efficiency.

Our R&D team is currently working on:

Searching for new professional cleaning products to offer the best care for most innovative building materials used in the construction industry nowadays.

More concentrated cleaning products for the household. Smaller doses reduce the environmental impact of chemicals. Besides, concentrated products require less water during the manufacturing process.

We are testing new ingredients and formulas to make our products more environmentally friendly.

We have just redesigned our labelling catalogue with an attractive new look and more detailed how-to-use safety instructions.