Remove limescale quickly and effectively from pipes and home appliances, restoring performance and shine. Professional results for your household needs.

antical cafeteras descalcificador chubb

Coffee Machine Descaler

Specially formulated to work quickly and easily to restore most small household appliances and bring water taste to its best.

antical gel limpiador chubb

Limescale Remover Gel

Powerful limescale remover. Its thick formula cleans, disinfects and leaves a brilliant shine.

antical lavadora descalcificador chubb

Washing Machine Descaler

Removes limescale, grime and detergent stains to help protect and clean your washing machine. Extends the lifetime of your appliance and eliminates bad odours. Best performance even on quick cold wash programme.

antical multielectrodomésticos descalcificador chubb

Hosehold Appliance Descaler

Removes limescale deposits, cleaning and extending the lifetime of your appliance. Designed to restore performance to your household appliances.

antical planchas descalcificador chubb

Iron Descaler

Prevents and removes limescale deposits from steam irons and steam generators so all appliances can work at its best.

desatascador debacter biológico chubb


High performance ecological drain and pipes cleaner.

Drain Unblocker 763

Special fast acting formula for your household. Contains 50% sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) to clear clogs and eliminate bad odours.

limpiamáquinas lavavajillas antical chubb

Dishwasher Cleaner

Actively cleans and removes Limescale deposits from all parts of the dishwasher.