Spray cleaners are handy and easy to use.

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Stain Remover

Stain Remover is an effective pre-treat stain remover that enhances your everyday detergent.

Limpiacristales multiusos 2 en 1 spray chubb


Glass and Mult- Surface Cleaner 2in1 with dual action system; a powerful glass cleaner that removes grime and grease leaving streak-free shine. This multi-surface cleaner is suitable for mirrors, tables and other hard surfaces.

Bathroom Cleaner & Limescale Remover

Bathroom Cleaner & Limescale Remover is specially formulated to remove limescale from shower doors and bathroom surfaces with an unbeatable streak-free shine. Leaves a nice fresh scent that lingers long after cleaning.


Force Mould Cleaner is a mould remover with bleach. Its special formula removes stains with ease in bathroom, kitchen, and damp areas. Use it monthly to stop mould growing back.


Force is a powerful descaling that removes cement, rust, lime build-ups, saltpeter and the toughest dirt on floors and ceramic tiles.


Wood Floors & Furniture Cleaner is designed to remove dirt off most wood flooring, whether natural or treated. Ideal for natural wood floors, parquet, veneer and laminate floors. Contains natural oils to protect and moisturise the surface, leaving a long-lasting shine with a unique dirt repelling effect.

Microwave & Fridge

Use it to keep your fridge and microwave hygienically clean leaving behind a pleasant citrus scent that neutralise odours.

Lemon Concentrated Degreaser

Lemon Concentrated Degreaser is a powerful grease remover. Its concentrated formula cuts easily through grease. Effortlessly removes dirt and grime. It can also be applied on fabrics and hand tools.

Super Degreaser

Powerful degreaser to cut through brunt and dry grease leaving a sparkling shine. Suitable for gas cooker, deep fryer, oven and BBQ.

Vitro Spray

For a perfect even shine for ceramic and induction hobs. Cleans and protects with a non-scratching formula. Apply on cold hobs and surfaces.